Psychological therapy service in Central London, offering private psychological therapy for a wide range of mental health needs.


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We all experience difficult emotions from time to time, and this is arguably a completely normal part of being human. However, these emotions can feel quite overwhelming if we don’t have a space and time to understand what we are feeling and why we might be feeling this way. It can be hard to work out ways of making these feelings more manageable, which can lead to difficulties in our relationships, difficulties coping at work or in education, difficulties sleeping, and many other concerns that can affect our wellbeing.

We may talk with friends and family about our concerns, which can be helpful in some circumstances; however, sometimes we need support from a professional to help us work through some of life’s challenges. State of Mind Psychology Services can offer this support.

How can State of Mind Psychology Services help?

State of Mind Psychology Services provides psychological assessment and therapy for a wide range of emotions, behaviours, and internal experiences.

Psychological therapy is provided by Dr Steven Mahan, Chartered Clinical Psychologist. Clinical Psychologists are trained to a Doctorate level and use extensive knowledge of psychological theory and evidence-based therapy to develop a shared understanding of how we come to experience difficult emotions, and the ways in which these experiences can be improved.


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