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      Sleep is an essential part of our wellbeing, but almost everyone experiences problems sleeping at some time of their life.   We all know that feeling when we are absolutely and truly exhausted. This is often the result of a number of factors, such as a busy lifestyle, work demands, and responsibilities at home. We can also feel exhausted because our concerns and worries mean we don’t sleep very… Read More

        With a New Year often comes a state of mind where many people feel they have a good opportunity to make some much needed changes in their lives. New Years’ Resolutions sometimes surround a lifestyle change, such as to be healthier or to lose weight. They sometimes surround activities, such as spending more time with loved ones and friends or learning a new skill.   Despite our best… Read More

      Often life brings with it a great abundance of responsibilities: work, family, school, education, friends, chores, gym, health concerns, and endless to-do lists. It is very easy, therefore, to forget how important it is to have time to stop, take stock, and to appreciate and allow time for the things that bring us pleasure or contentedness.   We are often incredibly good at having time for others and for… Read More

    Eating is arguably at the very centre of our being. It plays a complicated role in our daily lives and wellbeing, as well as a key part in how many of us socialise and spend time with others. For very few people, food is merely a means of staying alive; eating only what is needed in order to maintain their health and their ability to function throughout the day. For… Read More