About our psychology services


Psychological therapy can help with a number of difficult internal experiences, including:

  • Sadness and low mood: coping with depression, loss, and feeling low and upset;
  • Anxiety: coping with excessive worrying, phobias, fears, and concerns in social situations, such as in social groups, at work, or when speaking in public;
  • Self-esteem and confidence: learning to like yourself more, feeling better about yourself, and caring for yourself in a way you might care for others;
  • Obsessive thoughts: learning to sit with or challenge upsetting ideas, pictures, or thoughts that can play on your mind and causes distress;
  • Compulsions: learning to resist acting out compulsive ‘must-do’ behaviours;
  • Trauma: coping with a difficult experience that may play on your mind, and learning to find peace with that experience;
  • Pain and disability: living with a long-term health condition or physical limitation, and learning to adjust to diagnoses and cope with limitations;
  • Sleep: support to sleep well or with nightmares to promote overall health and wellbeing;
  • Weight management: Support with making lifestyle changes to promote weight loss in a sustainable and lifelong manner;
  • Adjustment: coping with a bereavement, health problem, divorce, or sudden lifestyle change or choice;
  • Relationship problems: improving methods of communication and sexual function in romantic couples, and addressing difficult family dynamics to reduce arguments and confrontations;
  • Wellbeing: Reducing feelings of failure or guilt, managing stress and feelings of being overwhelmed, and reducing feelings of being trapped in unhelpful patterns of thinking, feeling or acting, and;
  • Cognition: Improving thinking and reasoning skills, such as memory, attention, and organisation skills.

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Our psychological therapy process

Every psychological therapist has a different style, and it is important when choosing who you wish to work with that they are the best person to suit your needs.

Dr Steven Mahan is trained in multiple models of psychological therapy and is skilled in tailoring psychological therapy to each individual person’s needs. He always draws upon evidence-based theories and models (which means that the type of therapy has evidence to show it works for a specific problem), but he is also able to tailor this therapy to your needs.

You are an individual with unique worries and concerns, and therapy should be as unique as you are. If this means it is necessary to integrate different types of therapy to suit your needs then Steven is skilled to do this.

Your first meeting

Your first meeting will be an opportunity for you to consider whether you could work well with Steven and for you to decide if he might be someone whom you can open up to and trust.

He will ask you to talk about your concerns as openly and honestly as you feel you can.  This will help him to work out with you the best way forwards to help you to feel more content and at peace with whatever your difficult emotions are.

At the end of your first session, if it is possible, Steven will give you his initial thoughts about your treatment options. After this it is up to you how you want to go forwards: you could either make a plan to meet each other again straight away or you could spend as much time as you need to consider your options.

All sessions last for 50-minutes in total.

Assessing your needs

Once you have completed the assessment of your needs (which typically takes between one and four sessions), Steven will develop a psychological formulation of your difficulties in collaboration with you.  A psychological formulation is not ‘the expert view’ but rather it is our shared understanding of how your current difficulties may have developed and the factors that may serve to maintain them. Based on the psychological formulation, Steven will provide his recommendations for your treatment. He will also provide an estimate for how many sessions that you might need for the therapy to be helpful.

Steven always outlines services that are available to you on the NHS to ensure that you are not paying for private psychological therapy for something that is freely available to you and that you are entitled to within the NHS.


Where would therapy take place?

Steven’s main therapy room is near Liverpool Street Station, in London, but he also works in the Chelsea area. He can provide home visits if you are unable to attend therapy outside of your home or alternatively he can provide therapy via Skype.



State of Mind Psychology Services offer competitive rates for psychological assessment and therapy.  Steven offers a free 20-minute phone consultation before any face-to-face appointments are made to help you decide if you wish to proceed with an assessment. Steven is registered with several insurance companies.

Fees vary depending on your personal circumstances and State of Mind Psychology Services offer a concessional rate for those on lower incomes or students. The fees below are an approximate cost for sessions:

Assessment for therapy: £250 per 50-minute session

Individual therapy: £150-200 per 50-minute session

Couples therapy: £180-£220 per 50-minute session

If you are a healthcare professional or case manager enquiring on behalf of a client, Steven will provide an approximate estimate of costs for any work during the initial phone consultation.

Steven is registered with all the major insurance companies, including Bupa, Vitality, AXA PPP, and Allianz. The fees for different insurance companies will vary according to your policy cover.


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